2015 State of Vermont Grant-in-Aid Report

Town of Leicester & Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association
Aquatic Invasive Species
Final Report 2015 


The 2015 milfoil abatement program was somewhat successful in helping slow the spread of milfoil in our lakes. We had prepared for increased growth by adding new equipment and staff, but nature taxed our resources. We barely kept up with the explosive new growth by season's end. We had suspected this might happen at our early strategy sessions and concluded that stopping new patches from expanding was a better use of limited resources than cutting the existing forests. We therefore marked the biggest patches with buoys asking the public to avoid them. This strategy would result in a holding pattern for the 2015 season while we applied for an herbicide permit for the 2016 season. The LDFLA board created a new AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) committee this season with a team that provides a wide range of skill sets. This adaptation was greatly appreciated and will enhance the efforts in the long-term.

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