A Weeks worth

Hi all,

We have a weeks worth of pictures for you, starting with a Kathy D. shot of how to Enjoy grandkids.

Also T’day, now with Ashley W. enjoying probable grandkids. That centerpiece is a Hubbard squash grown in John D’s garden.

From Diane D. we have a robin enjoying the last of the berries.

Proof the snow geese are still there in Addison comes from Tom O. No picture to back it up but Sue W. reports two single loons still here on Dunmore yesterday. Also a single chick reported on Champlain in Addison, that by Diane D.

That hill on the right side is the one Kathy D’s grandkid was sliding down a few days ago.

We’ve had lots of warm air over cold surfaces these last couple days. Rosie took these last two (and a lot more) foggy ones from our upstairs window yesterday.

It was a different scene every few minutes. Enjoy, Mike