Busy Couple of Days

Hi all,

Old news first, Tyler P. id’d the stranger as a Ross’s goose. That was pretty far down on my list of guesses since my bird knowledge was shy the little bit of information that there was such a thing.

Next is something I did know existed and Dede reports her grandson got this a couple days ago on a tip up. The big pike was returned to the water after the picture.

I was headed to town yesterday morning and noticed that the wind had done its work and the big lake is wide open again. As I passed the dock at Sunset Cottages I saw two mature eagles hovering in the strong wind where you see this one. They drifted back and forth a little as they tried to grab a diving duck every time it surfaced.

After a minute or less and the three or four attempts to surface that I witnessed, the duck decided to try to escape.

In the second or so it took my camera to recover from this shot, the race ended and the next shot is of the eagles flying back towards Songa with breakfast in claw. It would have been an incredible video if I had thought to do that instead of shoot stills. Considering the time lapse between the first glimpse, braking, backing up, digging the camera out, jumping out and leaving the truck in the middle of the road with my door wide open, and starting to shoot, I’m glad to have anything at all. This was 7:40 AM on a very cloudy day and there was very little light, modern cameras are amazing.

Last but not least is this shot just in from Natalie & Eric H. down is South Cove who send an invitation to anyone who would like to skate to come on down. I’ll put you in contact if you need directions how to get there. Mike