Winter Is Coming

Hi all,

It’s been feeling almost like real winter here and if the weather guessers have it right, I’ll be able to take the “almost” out of the feeling by Friday. We’ve had a little snow each of the last couple nights and it is trying very hard to slide off the roof but just won’t let go. This first picture is the view as we come out the back door.

Temps in the low 30’s starts the slide but it takes several feet of hangover to break it off.

We’ve still got birds a plenty. We have good reports that add up to at least a couple of loons still here and we see flocks of non-loons regularly feeding in front of us. This eagle was sent by Caroline B. who reports it spent a couple hours in this tree on North Bay where they then watched it catch a fish it could not take off with. It flopped to shore with the catch to then devour it there.

The snow hasn’t amounted to much, a couple or three inches which thankfully melts off the driveway while lingering in the more sheltered spots. This is a shot from Rosie.

I’ve missed sending some pictures from Ashley and will go find them for a later mail but this is her latest and she says favorite one of late. We have a little ice in the coves but I’ll bet open water south of the island will be hard to find by the end of the weekend. Enjoy, Mike