Message from the President - Summer Ends with Glory

The peak season has come and gone, and what a season it was! We are so lucky to experience such a show on our lakes! In this update I’ll cover:

  • Milfoil activities
  • Picnic and Silent Auction
  • IT Project
  • Appreciation

Milfoil Activities

Milfoil crew activity continued through middle of September, with most crews disbanding at the end of August as members returned to school or other jobs. The focus of this end of season activity was to continue control of the new growth along shoreline and patches that appeared this season. Surveys of the milfoil growth on lakes were performed by Aquatic Control Technologies and Darrin Freshwater Research. The first was to assess the locations of deep concern (e.g. North Bay and The Spine, etc.) for density and area (acres) of infestation. The latter is a quantitative plant assessment to determine impacts of the current and future milfoil control operations. Both surveys are part of the 5 year integrated Aquatic Invasive Species plan and are requirements for the herbicide permit. You can see more detail in the milfoil article in this newsletter or learn more by contacting a board member. Lastly, on a personal note – I recently went kayaking on Big Bear Lake in California, and was shocked at the density of milfoil along some of the shorelines. We need to keep up our hard work to make sure that doesn’t happen to our lakes!

Picnic and Silent Auction

Wow! I hope all who attended the end of season picnic enjoyed the event as much as I did. The attendance was up by roughly 25%. The conversation was lively, diverse and full of smiles and laughter. Kudo’s to the volunteers who made this happen! The auction proceeds were on par with last year at just over $3700. Many thanks to both the donors who supported the event as these proceeds help fund milfoil operations and the volunteers who made it happen!

IT Project

As you may remember an information technology (IT) task force was set up last November to find a solution to help us connect and interact with membership more easily and in a more engaging way. After reviewing several alternatives and best practices for organizations like ours, the task force recommended a solution that was approved by the board. We’re in the initial phases of testing the new IT solution with a pilot group to see if it satisfies our objectives. We hope to implement the solution in early 2016, and will be contacting you as we do. One of our neighbors, Mike Waggoner, who has extensive experience in website development, has volunteered to support the development and implementation of this new tool.


I  want to end by thanking all of you for your support of our beautiful lakes! We’re an organization operated primarily on volunteer help. I feel honored to serve with such a talented and experienced board, active committee members and volunteers who help along the way with everything from collecting milfoil fragments, to stuffing envelopes, or to planning a community event. Thanks! Together we’ll keep our lakes thriving for generations to come!