Lakes Alive Financial Update

As we head toward completion of year number three for Lakes Alive, Now and Forever, here’s where we stand by the numbers.
As of September 30, 2015 we have:

  • Pledges/gifts total of $2,252,961
  • Received payments of $1,340,981
  • Participation by 298 Donors

Thus far during 2015 we have added $50,250 in new pledges or gifts from 28 additional donors. The recent new donations are a loud reminder that it’s not too late to join the Campaign. The monies collected through Lakes Alive are the fundamental building block of our financial future – generating necessary funds for immediate use and for an Endowment Fund to provide future income. If you haven’t made a pledge or donation, please contact Jay Michael or Lorraine Abramson (see below right) for information and a pledge form. With your help, we are hopeful our 2015 pledges and donations will grow further by the end of the year.
The Endowment and Reserve Funds have received the vast majority of the dollars.  The Unallocated Funds reflect monies as they are received but not yet allocated to a specific fund or need.

Thus far, the Near Term Needs used to close planned budget shortfalls in 2013, 14 and 15 have tracked closely to the original projection; however they are likely to grow materially during the balance of this year and 2016.
The Campaign Expenses were largely a first year expense, and are now modest on an annual basis. The Board reviews quarterly the incoming funds and, with the advice of the Treasurer and Investment Advisory Committee, determines the allocation of the recently received funds.
Where has the money gone? The receipts to date have been allocated as shown in the graphic.