Thank you, loons, and spring pics


by LDFLA Blog Admin

Hi all,

To whoever left something in our mailbox Friday, thank you and we’d love to know the story behind it.

In spite of 50 degree temps and wind, Sally, Rosie, and I got out on the lake midday today and quickly found a pair at the island. I guess it is time to get the signs in place so if anyone is interested in helping this week, let me know. It’ll mean 2 trips back and forth from our place with 6 signs/cinder blocks and will take a little over an hour. Weather gets good on Tuesday and stays that way into the weekend but I’d like to get it done earlier rather than later.

Rod M. reported 3 feeding this morning on Fern Lake too and there has been a single seen often in North Cove. With the ones at Silver Lake and Goshen Dam, we could have as many as 10 loons in the area. We could have as few as 3 busy ones too but I’d guess at least 7 if I had to pick a number. They spent most of the 20 minutes we floated with them preening.

The rest of the pictures are all from Kathy D. I love color and she found a lot of it. Enjoy. Mike