UPDATE on Lake Use Advisory

This e-mail is a follow-up to the last e-mail regarding No Use of the Lakes due to the Milfoil inhibiting herbicide treatment of Wednesday 6.15.2016. As stated in the advisory notice, the lakes are safe for swimming, boating and fishing. 

In this memo I:

  • Acknowledge the efforts and teams involved
  • Update the timing for the TBD* parts of the matrix on water usage
  • Identify what to expect from the treatment

The process went very well.  We need to extend gratitude to the Aquatic Invasive Species Sub-committee and chair:  Jim Meyersburg, Jim Foley, Brad Lawes and Brett Zimmerman.  This team did an outstanding job to ensure all process elements were followed to add this method of treatment to our existing efforts in combating milfoil.  Note: Again this was not a simple task and required significant hours to achieve. We can be grateful to the DEC and the applicators, SOLitude for ensuring communications were consistent, timely and supportive of our efforts as an organization to "perserve the lakes and surrounding environs."

The permit requires water samples 48 hours after application.  This analysis will indicate if we can remove the potable use ban (drinking and cooking).  This means our first sampling will be Friday p.m.  - unfortunately, the laboratory performing the analysis does not operate 7 days/wk. So the samples will be in cold storage until Monday when we will send FedEx same day delivery.  The lab requires 48 hours to process. So we may see results late Wednesday, but most likely on Thursday. 

What to expect in the coming days/weeks from this treatment process is:  within 10 days you should start to see the plants bending over and curling up a little, within 20 days they should be starting to collapse to the bottom with some standing stalks, and within 30 days most of the plants should have collapsed out of the water column.

I hope this provides you valuable information and keeps you abreast of the activity so important to retaining the enjoyment of the lakes.  Please contact me or any trustee with questions.

Best Regards, 
Chip Paison,  LDFLA President