Presidents Update on Activities

LDFLA presidents update

It’s been a busy early summer and I wanted to bring you up to speed on all of the activities. I’ll be focusing on:

•    Milfoil control

•    Our finances

•    Upcoming events

Milfoil control

Our ongoing battle with milfoil continues. It’s like any guerilla war that never ends.  The best case scenario that is possible is one where we reach a milfoil management stasis that we can afford. Put it another way, we’d like to be able to use an affordable combination of management strategies that contain milfoil so that it does not impede enjoyment of our lakes.  This summer, we’re getting closer to that goal.

The application milfoil-specific herbicide to the areas of the lakes with growth that was unmanageable (see maps of both lakes and the application areas below) has kelled the milfoil weeds as expected in these areas. In conjunction with our milfoil harvesting boats and greeters who inspect boats launched into Lake Dunmore, we are getting closer to our goal.

I wanted to explain the best case scenario of milfoil management, and the fact that we are still a long way from it because this summer in particular, I have heard talk ranging from milfoil is taking over the lakes and there’s no way we can ever manage it, to it’s so much better this year, we don’t need to worry! The reality is somewhere in between, and closer to the direr description. It takes the ongoing focus and research of volunteers with advice from experts in the field and our paid milfoil staff and greeters to keep this scourge at bay!

To gain more insight the recent article in the Addison Independent does a good job at describing our activities: New weapon vs. Milfoil

Our Finances

At last week’s annual meeting, the association approved the 2016 annual budget, $310,000. This amount is not sustainable given our projected revenue streams.  So we need to find the most cost effective strategies to achieve both management control of AIS and fiscal capability to keep the association going.  The 2015 & 2016 level of annual spending is only possible due to pre-planning by the Board of Trustees.  Remember our 4 pronged income streams:

That campaign has allowed us to create an endowment so that we can fund and additional $40-50,000 dollars a year above what we could do otherwise. This, along with the other three legs of our financial stool – 1) state funding $50,000, 2) monies from the towns Leicester and Salisbury , $19,000 each and 3) membership fees, $30,000– have funded our ongoing battle with milfoil.  Please encourage all of your neighbors to join, and proudly display your 2016 dock tags showing your renewed membership! Its easy to join online now –

The excess funds in the budget are included in an attempt to reach a controlled or management of the milfoil infestation.  While it’s likely we’ll be coping with Milfoil for the foreseeable future, we must do all we can to attain management not catastrophe (see –  Lake Bomoseen). 

Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendar for fun social events this summer:

For additional member benefits as highlighted at the annual meeting go to member benefits.


I wanted to close by giving my appreciation again to the absolutely wonderful board and other volunteers who work diligently to keep  our lakes community healthy. As I mentioned at our annual meeting last week, I especially want to thank the other board members whose terms are being completed after six years serving the association – Jay Michael and Marian Bauer. Along with me, they are being replaced by board members who will bring new energy and ideas.  Go to: LDFLA Trustees for the full list of current board members. I’m so proud to be part of such a vibrant community! 

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