Loons and Other Creatures

Hi all,

Three updates from Goshen today at three different times could have been from three different worlds. Lil reports a quiet place late morning turned busy early afternoon but the loons being left alone. Sally was there in time to see the resident male take on an intruder male in a half hour drama. This evening, Allon and Maryanne got to see an eagle causing unrest in the area for a while but it eventually left the chick and one adult peacefully preening. Lots of people there through the afternoon and evening but none bothering the loons. Allon and Maryanne put up signs at the access warning of the presence of the chick and asking folks to give them their space. All and all a good day I guess since the chick is still there.

Kathy D. gets the sharp eye award for this green on green creature that I think is a katydid.

No problem spotting this indigo bunting Sue W. found in Brandon. Wow.

Today was picture perfect on Lake Dunmore as I tried to get the perfect picture of John & Kathy D. going by. 80 tries and I’m still sorting. Enjoy, Mike