Spring Colors

Hi all,
Warm weather has been slow to come in this part of the country, though we did have a couple days in a row in the 60’s that tended to get the blood flowing. Hard to find color is slowly starting to show up everywhere.

Thankfully, Kathy Dick captured the black and white that got this whole mailing started. A pair has occasionally been seen but it has mostly been a single. No pictures yet, but the eagles have been seen often.


A bit of odd color with this leucistic canada goose from Sue Wetmore. This was taken in the West Rutland marsh.


Here’s a found blue and white paddleboat. If it’s yours, let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction to retrieve it.


Rosie had to be fast to catch the colors of the warm jackets on the Midd Crew as they passed by. Another few days and those buds now struggling to burst will be leaves making this picture impossible.


Every so often, we’ll get beautiful red clouds in the south reflecting the sunset out of sight behind us.


Here’s some maroon on the ground under where our feeder hung. We have colorful finches galore as well as cardinals, blue jays, and red wing black birds. We also see several different woodpeckers.


There are more common mergansers around than I remember in previous years. There are probably 3 times as many as you see in this flock, most are underwater.


I believe this is a female common, it has a nest somewhere close just south of us.


A male hooded merganser, I think, in front of us.


From Kathy Dick, a red trillium and


dutchman’s britches


We finish with several colors as we look out our kitchen window at gray skies. Enjoy, Mike