End of month recap & beginning of month reminder

Hi all,
It doesn’t feel a bit like the end on May here to me but the loons seem to know what the date is. The pair up at Goshen Dam nested on the raft up there between Last Saturday and Monday. That’ll put the hatch date there about June 25th, give or take a day. We are very relieved to see they chose the raft and not the island to nest. They had been looking hard at great looking spots on both sides of the island but the changing water levels would have doomed the nest for sure.
Per Sally, David, and others, there have been three loons at Silver Lake. There’s an obvious pair plus one who might be flying back and forth between lakes since all our lakes keep varying from two to three.
Fern folks have reported several sightings this spring, usually just one loon but two on a couple occasions. I appreciate any and all sightings so keep those notes coming please.
Here on Lake Dunmore, I’ve seen none and only heard a few calls over the last ten days. On quick trips out on the boat Monday and yesterday, I found none. Trips were short though because of much less than ideal conditions. About 6:30 tonight though, I heard a wail from way north of us. The north wind is blowing but Rosie was game for a ride so off we went to take a look. We found the pair a couple hundred yards east of the island, pruning was the chore of the moment for them.


Not great pictures but fun to see them, and we now have proof that they are here.


We saw lots of fluffing in the short time we were out there, always a good show. They then headed back towards the island. I’m guessing that this is the same male as the last couple years based on his loud reaction to a noisy speed boat passing far enough away that it wouldn’t bother most loons.


Monday evening, Sally, David, and I floated into darkness at Goshen Dam. I caught this sunset and


then this east bound jet off to some (hopefully) exotic destination.


We’ll be checking Dunmore again tomorrow, hoping to see courting behavior or maybe even one on a nest. It should happen within the next week. If you see the warning signs in the water around the island, you’ll know a nest is happening.
Also, I’d appreciate eagle sightings if you are lucky enough to see one.
Tomorrow is June 1st. The first words from your mouth should be “white rabbit, white rabbit”. If you remember to do it, you will have guaranteed good luck all month long. (Subject to availability of unused “good luck” in your area, some restrictions might apply). Mike