The news from Silver Lake is great

Hi all
First from Lake Dunmore, looking straight in at that open area on the island, the nesting loon is very hard to see. It’s behind those trees above the right end of the rock.


A slight move to the south and the white breast is very visible and


from a position out from the big rock to the north, we can see the rear half.


No reports from Goshen Dam but Allon was at Silver Lake today and the loons have nested on the raft. Pictures will come in a couple days.

Louise Salant has been seeing this immature loon in Kampersville Bay for a few days. Others at the north end have reported a single adult on occasion.


Two dock sections floated in to visit Marion & Brian Bauer a couple days ago. They can be found at 2536 Lake Dunmore Rd. I’ll bet the pieces belong close by or they wouldn’t have ended up in the same place.


We finish with some lady slippers taken by Sue Wetmore above the Falls Of Lana. Enjoy, Mike