today’s pics, egg count, and herbicide update

Hi all,
Late morning, we had one on the nest and we saw the mate off the east side struggling with a slightly too big fish.


We watched a couple minutes as it kept flipping it around and eventually


it got it facing the right direction to go down easily.


We had two eagle flybys, one midday and again this evening. Loons were not happy in either occasion. We saw it swoop low over the water, grab a small fish and head for a tree to enjoy its meal.


Allon Wildgust got a great picture of the loons on the rafts at both Goshen Dam and

at Silver Lake. The Silver Lake pair nested on the raft before we added more vegetation to cover the raft but apparently they are happy with it.


Back here on Dunmore this evening, we caught the loons off the nest. Here it is getting ready to climb back on. In most of the bunch of pictures I shot, I would have said one egg but here it


sure looks like 2 eggs to me.


Our color for the day comes from David Phelps with some reflections he caught while kayaking. We’ve got more of his pictures coming in the next couple e-mails.