The holiday week is over, whew! Bill’s presentation Wednesday.

Hi all, It has been a busy several days here with mostly great weather and fireworks somewhere on the lake every night for a week. I’ll be glad to see the non-holiday week start.

Our loons are still on the nest, due date tomorrow. This was about noon today, not hard to see the loon when the sun is in the right place.


For the first time in several days, the mate was floating nearby. The fact that it is close could mean the hatch is imminent. Kathy D, looking long distance at it late afternoon, thought there could have been a chick snuggled in close but waves made it hard to be positive. Rosie and I looked but couldn’t find it.


Meanwhile, one still sits. I plan to head out in the AM and check again.


At Goshen Dam, the chick is growing like a weed.


Dave Phelps took these early afternoon. Sally and Ron joined him out there. They had just hiked in to Silver Lake where they report that the loons (hatch due yesterday) are still on the raft. If anyone is looking for a good reason to hike up to Silver tomorrow, you have one. Let us know what you do or don’t see.


Back to Goshen again, at least the access area, they have butterflies galore. These black ones like to sun themselves on the gravelly road.


The yellow ones, even more numerous, were not landing at all.Getting a picture of a moving butterfly is not an easy chore.Modern cameras are amazing, and the butterflies were numerous. I just kept shooting until I got lucky.


Last but not least, Bill Powers is giving one of his famous historical talks about Silver Lake this Wednesday. If you’ve never been to one of Bill’s talks, they are very entertaining and informative. See flyer below.