A little loon, and flower, and swan activity by LDFLA Blog Admin

Hi all, We start the day with morning mist that Rosie took. Dry air around those wisps, aaah yes!


Sue Wetmore and I did a morning float here on Dunmore and it initially looked like we might get skunked. On the way home though, we met a pair off Sucker Brook and we managed to get our much needed loon fix.


They preened and fluffed, paying us little attention.


Photographer Sue shooting away.


At one point, one went into low alert mode while the other


was making itself as large as possible. That’s its “don’t mess with me” posture. We never did see what was bothering them. When we started for home again, we saw a third one south of the brook but got no pictures of that one.


Here’s another found item. The folks at Songa are holding it for you. If you check with Dorothy or Ellen at the office, they can point you in the right direction.


Kathy Dick got a double rainbow when the last storm went by the day before yesterday. It has taken until today for the air to get comfortable for me though.


Lastly, I was riding a woods trail today when I came upon a burst of red in the middle of all the green. It’s about 20’ across and


was loaded with hummers which I failed to capture. Flower people, what are these? I want some. Mike