Last day of summer

Hi all, Many loon reports from Lake Dunmore folks indicate we have 5 or more loons on the lake at the moment. We were lucky enough to have a (our?) pair show up in front of our place and stick around long enough for us to float with them a while. They were both doing a lot of preening.


The late season graying is obvious but it seems to me it’s not as bad as it is in years when they raise a chick or two. I guess kids will do that to you.


The weather here has been picture perfect for the last week or more with the temperature getting into the 80’s today. We have spent more time floating in the last three days than we have in the last 6 weeks.


This is coming in a couple nights ago but it could have been any night of the last several.


I managed a couple hours on the motorcycle today too. The back roads are starting to look fallish, especially if you go uphill a little.


In a stroke of good luck, I stepped out on the deck late afternoon in time to hear the rumble of radial engines above. Though common in the '40’s, through the ’60’s, you could still hear their distinctive sound regularly at night through the 70’s when WWII vintage airplanes were used to haul freight back and forth across the country. I was fortunate enough to do that in the early 80’s but by then the old airplanes still in service were being converted to turbine engines. This B-17 was giving passenger rides out of Rutland today. I stood a little mesmerized as it presented the perfect picture when it turned over the south end of the lake. By the time I woke up and grabbed a camera, all I got for you was proof it was here. It made my day though. Enjoy, Mike