Not much loon news, canoes, field days

Hi all,

The only loon news I have is that we still have 3-4 here on Lake Dunmore, including that big one that’s been around for a couple weeks now. I haven’t heard anything about Silver Lake or Goshen Dam.

There are still 3 canoes missing since the storm here on LD. I find it hard to believe they’ve all been stolen but think they may be submerged or have been pulled up on someones shoreline. If you any ideas, please let me know.


If you want to see ospreys, take a ride over the Champlain bridge. There are 2 nests on the road between the bridge and Rt. 9. I don’t know how long these 2 birds will be around but they are very tolerant of company right now.

If you missed Addison County Fair & Field Days, Ashley has captured the essence of it in these last photos. Well, not the junk food and demo derby essence that some of us go for but the critter essence for sure. Thank you Ashley. Enjoy, Mike