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Hi all,

Sally took a paddle around Goshen Dam and Sue W. walked Silver Lake and both nests are still occupied and both had the mates nearby. The folks checking for loonwatch tomorrow have something to look forward to.

I took a trip back in time last weekend and visited with two old (OLD) friends at Lower Lead Mountain pond Me. The best we could remember was that the last time the three of us were together was ’74 and it was at the same place. It’s significant to me because it’s the first place I remember hearing a loon call, probably 10 or so years before that. The guy that lives there says they have had a single most of the last 40 however many years and one did show up just after I took the picture below.


Steve N. get the award for paying attention and getting this series


of pictures showing


our eagle snagging a little breakfast in North Cove.


He said it came up with a dead fish. Thank you Steve.



The Last Couple Days


The last couple days  by LDFLA Blog Admin

Hi all,

Kathy’s famous azalea in full bloom.


Last evening we were coming by the island looking for loons and not finding any. We looked up and could see why.


Since we are in chronological order, this is Ashley’s paddle home from the pub last night.


This evening we found the pair feeding east of the island on our way north and then again on the NW side on our way back. One was seen in close to the island yesterday, I’m glad we have the signs in place.

Shortly after, the direction to be looking was again up as this osprey passed over. Earlier we had seen several TV’s soaring over Rattlesnake Cliffs too.


Leaving the boat, I looked back to catch a moonrise. A very nice day all in all. Mike