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Dunmore Dip

UPDATE: This winter was crazy or one might say "a bit loony ".   So, Lord Dunmore and Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association are proud to announce that our own "loonatic ",  Mike Korkuc, has won the Dunmore Dip Ice Out Contest.  Mike's guess of March 2, 1:13PM was off the official time by 13 minutes. The official  date and time of the 2016 Ice Out was March 2, 1:26PM.  This is the earliest date since we have begun the contest.  Any challenges to these results must be submitted to within 15 days of this notice.

Greetings from the lakes.  Lord Dunmore has returned to Kampersville. Having spent the winter at the Ebert Spa, he is ready for the Lake Dunmore Fishing Derby on Jan. 31 & Feb. 1.  All Dippers can get entry forms at Kampersville, locations throughout Middlebury and Brandon, and by printing them from the LDFLA web site.  He is gathering supplies and will make his march to the lake at the end of February.  Follow his progress.

Join us in taking a chance at $1.00 each and figure out what DATE and TIME the ice will go out.  Print the entry form and mail it with your check.

Pass this message along to your family and friends.  The more entries, the bigger the reward.  Entry forms must be postmarked by March 15, 2016. 
Dunmore Dip has evolved into an international contest played by people all over the U.S. and some Canadians and Brits.

The Dunmore Dip has a mission behind the fun. A bet on when the ice will go out in the spring will help us win the battle against milfoil in our lakes. Half of the ticket monies will be paid to the winner and other half will go toward our Milfoil Program.

The objective of the game is to guess the date and time Lord Dunmore sees the red flag and stops the clock. Lord Dunmore will be on Brush’s point visible from Rt. 53, just south of Camp Keewaydin. He will be holding his clock, watching for the ice to go out. Whoever has the closest entry to the date and time the clock stops wins the contest.

You can guess as many times as you like - $1 per guess.
Be sure to fill out the forms carefully with your name and address so we will be able to contact you if you are a winner.

Make checks payable to LDFLA and send form to LDFLA, PO Box 14, Salisbury, Vt. 05769-0014.  Entries MUST BE postmarked by MARCH 15, 2016.

Past Dunmore Dip Results

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