Residents of Lake Dunmore and Fern Lake are very fortunate to benefit from the services of the Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen Insect Control District (BLSG). The BLSG is a municipal district funded by the four member towns and the state.  It's mission is "to minimize mosquito impacts on our citizens with as little environmental impact as possible."

Some important information to know:

  • If you wish to "Opt Out" and not have your property treated: please send a written request annually to BLSG, PO Box 188 Brandon, VT 05733.  Please provide your 911 address and a property  map, which delineates your property boundaries on the public right of way.  A representative from the board will contact you to assist in marking your property as a no spray zone.
  • The BLSG hotline is 802-247-6779 and will receive request for treatment as needed during the season.  Requests for treatment should be made by phone, not ema il.

Please visit the BLSG website for more information.


Mosquito control efforts were started in the 1960s by the Lake Association. Debbie Britten, Executive Secretary/Treasure began the operation.  Heydon Hooker drove the spray truck over every road at both lakes.  This process continued into the 1970’s when Virginia Wolf took over as Executive Secretary/Treasure.  She, at 95, recalls ordering all the chemicals. Salisbury and Leicester contributed to covering the costs. In those days, the chemical used was DDT.  When it’s harm was determined, it’s use was stopped and more environmentally friendly substances were employed.

When the operation was taken over by the BLS in 1979 (Goshen joined later), the truck and all the equipment was donated to them by the Lake Association.  Since then, two more trucks have been provided by the Association.

The Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen (BLSG) Insect Control Board was formed as a municipal entity in 1979.  Two representatives from each member town form the volunteer board of trustees of the BLSG.