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To Protect and enhance the natural vitality of Lake Dunmore and Fern Lake
while preserving the recreational and lifestyle interests of the lake community.

February 2015 President's Note


When was the last time you thought of loving a place so much that you gave yourself a gift!  The gift of seeing that place everyday while you work.

Well, Brannon Godfrey did just that …


The membership e-mail received a request which I found particularly enjoyable.   I condense the conversation below as trying to read an e-mail conversation backwards is awkward. 

Brannon, Nov 15, 2014: Good morning. I contacted you previously about  the map - I was the guy who hoped that my wife would get it for an anniversary or birthday present. Alas, she was not alert to my hints and so I will "give" it to myself, if they are still available. 

Do you still sell copies of the older version of the map that had the Warren Kimble fish on it? Please let me know and I will get the check in the mail to you today! 


LDFLA, Nov 20, 2014: Hello - sorry for my late reply.  I'm new to triage of LDFLA email.  I will confirm which version we have of the maps.  Do you want whichever version or only the one with the fish? Also, I don't straight away have your mailing address; could you provide this please to expedite the handling?  

Thank you for your interest and sorry your wife didn't get your hints. Happy self-gifting!


Brannon, Nov 20, 2014: Thank you! I only want [that] one map – the one with
the fish. I’ll put my check in the mail to you today!


LDFLA, Nov 20, 2014: Hi - please hold on putting the check in the mail, until I can confirm the version we have.  Thank you for the address and I'll revert asap on map status.


Brannon, Jan 05, 2015: Good morning. I am so pleased with my matted and framed map that I wanted to share a picture of it with you. It is hung on the wall across from my office desk and does more for stress relief than anything else! Thanks!


LDFLA, Jan 05 2015: Thanks for sharing Brannon.  Would you mind if I posted this on ldfla/blog?


Brannon, Jan. 05 2015:  No problem!


Further evidence to me that as an Association we create value for members and friends, not just when someone visits and enjoys the delightfully preserved environs, but well beyond to a daily resonance.

SOOOOO, I hope you find this story as much a delight as I did.


The state grant, which is submitted by Town of Leicester, as required by the Grant-in-aid program, has been written and will be delivered in February. The LDFLA Board approved the preliminary budget at the January meeting.  Please consider personally thanking Troy, Jim and Jay for working diligently to craft this critical document.  Also a thank you can be given to the town of Leicester for being the municipality that files the grant application (1).  Remember this funding is critical to continuing the battle at levels of the recent past. It is the opinion of the LDFLA Trustees that we cannot afford to curtail milfoil operations for the coming season.


(1) Notation:  Lake Fairlee has received no state grants for 3 years because the one town (out of 3 eligible towns) that had been filing grant applications stopped filing. 


Remember the Dunmore Dip - Lord Dunmore created $1400 for the operation last year.   Who knows, maybe we can make this grow to double that … if the winter looks to wane quickly.

Best regards,

Chip Paison

LDFLA President


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