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To Protect and enhance the natural vitality of Lake Dunmore and Fern Lake
while preserving the recreational and lifestyle interests of the lake community.

Meet our newest loon chick Perky - Born June 27, 2014

Meet Perky, born June 27, 2014Congratulations to all the loon "grandparents" who posted signs on the island, photographed the nesting period, waited anxiously for the hatch and, after Perky was born, continued to photograph the developments and protect the new family from boats and intruders. Apparently it takes a lake association to raise a loon!

Follow Perky and the entire loon family to see how this tiny chick has grown in Mike Korkuc's Loonatic Reports on the
LDFLA news blog.

New in August! 2014 E. coli Water Quality test results are in.


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