Shoreline Watcher's Network

EWM matting on the surface in Lake Dunmore, North Bay: photo as found on Google images

“Faster than a speeding bullet . . .” is generally attributed to Superman.

However, for several months a year it can also describe the growth and spread of Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM)!

Shoreline Watch volunteers are a vital part of our milfoil control efforts: LDFLA members actively looking for plants where they are most likely to proliferate and reporting patches for our harvesting crew to remove. In the past, residents have monitored their own waterfronts. But, now that EWM has become a larger issue, many lake residents have increased the amount of shoreline they monitor. It’s easy: since you are routinely boating/kayaking/paddle boarding recreationally, just spend some time patrolling for milfoil. Or, several friends can include milfoil spotting during their kayaking excursions. It adds a valuable “purpose.”

Simply put: we need more “eyes.” The combined perimeters of Fern Lake and Lake Dunmore measure almost 12 miles! And, the reality of milfoil is “what’s not here today may be there tomorrow!” It grows that rapidly. Ideally, our shorelines need consistent monitoring – more frequently than our harvesting crew can undertake while also fulfilling their primary responsibilities. An individual plant can lead to a milfoil patch becoming an infestation and then a milfoil forest in an eyeblink. We need more people to spend some time on the “small stuff” so we have a greater probability of eliminating the “larger stuff.”

There's a dual benefit to your involvement:

1. Locating and reporting milfoil.

2. The time you spend volunteering is counted towards the LDFLA’s EWM Control Program budget and helps us with the State’s Grant-in-Aid.

If you are interested in helping; or, are already reporting milfoil locations please let us know by e-mailing us at to enable an improved communications effort. We will then send you the few details you need to know about spotting and reporting milfoil.

Committee Support

Please contact us at or a board member (website: About/Leadership) to discuss opportunities to support the association with operational needs to keep the organization running smoothly. Click here for a list of committees and their responsibilities. To sign up for any committee please email

Boat Launch Greeter

Imperative to our success in maintaining the mission of our association is preventing new invasive species from entering the lakes! A great way to help is working at the boat launch to interact with people using the facility. The option of learning to do inspections and communicate the hazards of transporting invasives between waterbodies is coordinated by the EWM project, please email or call the cabin 802-352-1013