With the rollout of the new LDFLA.com, you can now manage your LDFLA membership online.  This tutorial will explain the different concepts on the LDFLA.com member portal, and how to manage your membership.

Creating a LDFLA.com Account

The Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association migrated to a new Member Management System in the spring of 2016.  At that time, all of the information on LDFLA members was migrated to the new system.  In May, the LDFLA sent an email to all members with a customized hyperlink asking that they create an account on LDFLA.com.  This customized link allowed members to merely create a username and password, without the need to enter all of the information the LDFLA already knows about them (e.g., address, phone, email, historical membership level, certain donations).  If you received that email, please click the link within to create your LDFLA.com account.

If you didn't receive the email, or you have never been a member of the LDFLA, you may create an account directly via the website.  The online form will ask for your name, address, lake affiliation, etc., and it will require you pay your annual membership fees as part of the process.  It will also allow you to add [free] sub-memberships before you're finished.

Click here to create your account

What's the difference between an Account and a Membership?

LDFLA.com accounts merely refer to the username and password you create when you sign up.  If you clicked the link in the May '16 email, you had the opportunity to set the username and password for your LDFLA.com account.  Each person in a household can have an LDFLA.com account.
LDFLA Memberships are the same memberships that you've known for years.  Memberships have dues associated with them, and a term (1 year).  The only difference is now you can pay for and manage your membership via your LDFLA.com account.  Don't want to pay online?  You can still mail a check, and we will update your membership status in the system.  The LDFLA offers free Secondary and Affiliate Memberships to other members of a household which has a paid membership in good standing.  More on that below.

Having an active membership (whether paid online or by other means) is also what allows you to appear in LDFLA.com's Member Directory, where you can search for other members by Name, Town or Lake Affiliation (if known).

How to activate your LDFLA Membership online (Pay your dues)

Once you have an LDFLA.com account, login and go to the Portal Homepage.  Click the Manage Membership/Dues button


If your membership status is expired, that will be displayed in the Current Membership section.  Click Join Now to select and pay for your membership.

A historical membership may be shown if you were an active member in 2015.



Select a membership level and follow the screen prompts.  Below is an overview of the membership levels available:

  • Residential Memberships are attributed to lake properties, and membership fees are $100/year.  The annual fee pays for the Primary Voting Member, a Secondary Voting Member, and unlimited [non-voting] Affiliate Members.
  • Commercial Memberships are available for organizations which conduct business on or around the lake.  Annual membership fees are $175/year.
  • Associate Memberships are available for individuals who would like to support the LDFLA, but do not own property (e.g., seasonal renters, campers).  Annual membership fees are $50/year.

How to add additional household members

Creating LDFLA.com accounts for additional household members allows each of them to manage their own contact information and email preferences separately.  Since LDFLA.com accounts must be associated with Memberships in order for account holders to appear in the member directory, we offer FREE Secondary and Affiliate Memberships as long as the Primary Membership is active.

Navigate to the Additional Sub Members & Memberships section of the Membership Page.

Assign a Membership to existing household contact
Some households may already have additional contacts associated with them.  If those people would like their own LDFLA.com accounts, check the box next to their name and click Join next to Sub-Membership.  Follow the system prompts.  You will need to assign them a username and password.

Add new household Members
If you would like to add a completely new member to your household, click Add next to Contacts.  Follow the system prompts.  You will need to assign them a username and password.

If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at membership@ldfla.com.